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13 Best CartoonCrazy Alternatives To Watch & Stream Cartoon Online

Looking for sites similar to CartoonCrazy to stream cartoons online? If you’re familiar with the site and its content, then you know it is home to a variety of great material in Japanese anime. It doesn’t matter what categories and genres (Comedy, Horror, Family, Adventure, etc) You should be able to find them on this site.


What are the reasons to know CartoonCrazy alternatives? If you find you’ve scoured the content lists and have run out of choices, visiting alternative websites is an excellent opportunity to enhance the quality of your entertainment and also to have more options. Additionally in the event the site goes down, navigating to the alternative site ensures that you are able to continue enjoying the online streaming of anime without cost.



You can stream cartoons and anime in high-quality streaming online.,. Watch complete episodes online on CartoonCrazy. Here’s a list of websites similar to CartoonCrazy you can explore!



If you’re looking for websites for cartoons like CartoonCrazy, KissAnime is is worth a try. KissAnime lets you watch your favourite anime without the need to download. The site offers a variety of types of watched animation and anime in the world. In addition, KissAnime also provides HD quality formats in which you can enjoy anime in high quality.




GogoAnime GogoAnime HTML0 is a website which is said to be among the most reliable CartoonCrazy alternatives, mainly due to its simple operation and easy use. You can access the site without having to be stung by annoying advertisements or any things. The process is simple and loading times are quite fast, making it enjoyable to navigate through. You’ll be able to receive the most recent episodes or series since they are constantly adding new content on a regular basis.

Everything on this website is well-organized into sections. You are welcome to explore through the categories from Popular, Movies, New Season or Anime List. In each section, you’ll see sub-sections and various choices. It’s a lot of fun and completely is free to browse the site. Its design is visually pleasing too.




Many websites do not offer the old (and quite old) anime series, and this WatchAnimeMovie is unique. You can choose to watch the most recent anime series or the traditional one, you are welcome to browse their library. Because they offer a wide range of shows and titles the collection is huge. This is one of the major reasons that this website is extremely popular.

Like other websites like it, this one is well-organized content that is divided into diverse categories which include Comedy, Horror, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Romance and many more. Each category is a separate section and they’re frequently updated. It’s free to shell out a cent to take advantage of the services. What a great idea, isn’t?




This is a site which was created and is owned by a Japanese animation production firm, which means it’s legitimate, legal and streaming anime for free. You are free to use the service and its excellent quality of the streaming. The free service without difficulty However, if you’d like to get premium-quality streaming it is necessary to change your subscription to a paid subscription. There are a few content which are available only in premium content. So if you’re looking to stream these, first sign up to their paid subscription. is a basic and elegant layout and design. It works perfectly with the user interface. If you’re looking to take advantage of’s free service, then join me. However, be aware that access to the service will be restricted. If you wish to have the unlimited streaming capability with additional (and higher quality) content, you will need to pay. Another interesting feature of this website is the presence of an e-commerce section. You can purchase things that are mostly connected to anime, including the majority of your favourite anime!




Another platform offers streaming of anime for free. The site is fairly recent, however it offers quite a large collection of content, though the majority of them are provided by different sites (third-party service providers). In addition to providing free services and quality videos that could be beneficial for entertainment. The site is attractive and has easy-to-use features that will make you feel comfortable visiting it.




Are you searching for the newest and hottest anime or films? This is the ideal website to search for it. Feel free to stream content. The streaming speed is quick and the films are of high quality. Many users who have used the site say that they had a wonderful experience in the online world of ease and convenience.

The site was created by So don’t be shocked if the user interface is very similar to that website. The site’s administrator decides to provide top-quality anime content. They ensure that the people will enjoy the website. They have a variety of categories, such as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Land of the Lustrous, Eureka Seven, Dragon Ball Super and more.




If you’re looking for premium quality videos that are authentic from Japan This site will provide you with what you need. It is not just that you can use the service for free and also access hundreds of episodes and titles. The site is constantly up-to-date on a regular basis which means you can rest assured that you’ll get the most up-to-date and content frequently. Finding your most loved flicks would be simple as the library is split into categories like Genres, Latest Series as well as popular shows. Each category has its own options as well.

Another thing I like about the website is the lack of registration. It’s true that you don’t need to sign up for an account or sign-up to stream movies. If you’d like to receive updates, you’ll have to sign up and give your email address. This is how they’ll inform you of updates. The most well-known content includes The Blue Exorcist, Sword Art Online, Gangsta, Dragon Ball Super and many more. The combination of high-quality video large libraries, as well as the user-friendly interface is the main reason this site is considered to be one of the top alternatives to CartoonCrazy.




The website is one of the top and most well-known online websites with manga collections. The fans of anime will be delighted to come to this website not just due to the extensive and extensive collections, but also due to the user interface that is friendly and simple navigation. It is possible to access any time and anywhere anyone around the world are able to get access easily.

The site was initially designed to present an original edition of the Naruto Shippuden series that has been translated into English. It’s not just a movie however, you can watch manga, films, and collections of them. The site has grown and expanded, and its primary goal is to provide a convenient platform to those looking to access the world of anime without paying a dime. Sounds like a good deal, right?




MasterAnime is a great platform for watching Cartoons and Anime online for no cost. It also offers a part, or I will call it a category, where you can watch the latest and most popular anime. This day . MasterAnime has a great interface. You can get the homepage with no advertisements, This is the most appealing aspect of this Website. Users can run this site efficiently since almost everything are classified as the an alternative to CartoonCrazy.




AnimePahe is the most suitable alternative to CartoonCrazy. Why? because this website is regularly updated. If you’re a lover of anime or Japanese animation, you might want to consider downloading AnimePahe allows you to stream movies and shows that are that are stored within their servers.

Are you looking to stream animated series that have English subtitles without cost? This is the perfect spot that very few are aware of. With a pretty simple user interface.

All you need to do is scroll around the main screen in order to discover the various titles available. You can also make use of its built-in locater which you can find when you open the menu that which is located on the right-hand side of your screen.

You’ve got it, some of the most effective alternatives to CartoonCrazy. You should now know that there are plenty of CartoonCrazy alternatives you can explore to enrich your collection of anime.




Another CartoonCrazy Alternative with a snappy route to the latest releases. English subtitles HD popular, development appearance frame to search for movies by type, star and that’s just the beginning.

You can find almost every latest anime on this site simply by making an acknowledgement that they’re accessible in high definition for viewing online. This is an American famous site that also licenses firm for streaming online Anime streaming. You can enjoy cartoons and anime anytime without cost. If you’re worried about watching animated films on the internet is illegal, test this out. Because it is a legal way to watch Crunchyroll shares, which are legal.




DisneyNOW is the top site that not only allows users to stream online cartoons for free and also lets you explore the entire site to stream animations, Disney movies videos, and games that include a lot of exciting games.

The website offers some animated films that you can stream online for free of cost. Every movie is listed on an entry page this will make it simple to enjoy online for free Cartoons on the internet with the hope of no cost using DisneyNOW. This is the most effective CartoonCrazy Alternative that you could test today!


13. 9ANIME


CartoonCrazy is no longer available? You aren’t able to find CartoonCrazy any more on the web? Do not worry, 9Anime could be the be your best option!

9Anime is among the top websites to stream anime online. There are a lot of collection of anime shows that have English subtitles. It is also possible to find anime order by alphabetical name from starting with A and ending with Z. If you’re searching for a site similar to CartoonCrazy where you can stream animation and cartoons online, I highly recommend 9Anime.







CartoonCrazy is a safe site that offers cartoons and animation for free, however, watch out for advertisements! As it’s possible to download malware or virus-related Don’t download software from untrusted sources.



CartoonCrazy has been closed due to illegal content concerns, so the site has been officially shut down by a third party however, the site is functioning under another domain.




There are many better than CartoonCrazy websites to watch cartoons and anime including Animelab, KissAnime, GogoAnime, Crunchyroll and 9Anime


If you’re already familiar by CartoonCrazy net, but suddenly you are unable to access the website the site is shut down. On the web, you will find CartoonCrazy websites with various domain names.

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