AnandPanchal Paintings

About the artist: AnandPanchal

If there is any painter that makes you want to reconnect with the roots and soul of India, AnandPanchal is the artist you should take notice of!

Hailing from a family of artistic talent,  his father carved out wood, and his grandmother made intricate carvings and wooden puppets. Anand’s own talent was discovered as a child in a drawing competition by a teacher. His parents did not waste any time in enrolling him in a professional art class.

After spending time in academies like G.D. Art (Drawing and Painting), Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune in 1997 and joining the much-touted  J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai in 1999 to complete Diploma in Art Education, Anand soared high in his career. Inspired by artists like Amrita Shergill, Rembrandt, Renoir, and Gauguin, he able to explore different facets of the artistic medium.

AnandPanchal Paintings: Signature Characteristics

  • Most of AnandPanchal’s paintings are in a long, narrow format; the upper portion of the canvas is often showcasing iconic images that indicate the dreams of the figure below. These long drawn paintings serve to mimic the figures of the children that he is painting.
  • The colour palette used in most of his paintings is in blues, oranges and reds. While orange depicts spirituality, the blue is used for serenity the red for vibrancy. Foreheads are tinged with oranges or blue or a mixture of both to set the mood of the canvas.
  • But it is his impeccable knifework that lends the depth to his paintings. His mastery of technique comes together in full view as he seamlessly blends out the surfaces creating poetry on canvas and letting us see the magic, woven as India’s indigenous cultures, traditions and beliefs, find expression.

AnandPanchal Paintings: The people on Canvas

  • Some signature characteristics of AnandPanchal paintings & work include mythological characters from the epic Mahabharata, more extended tapering canvas with lanky side angled figures, vibrant colours depicting the village life and innocence of children, going about their daily lives.
  • A recurring figure in his paintings is one he describes as the daughter of a farmer. It is a little girl, eager to pursue her education but unable to due to societal and financial circumstances.

He also draws a vivid picture of rural towns where doctors and lawyers occasionally pass through. When asked about why he chooses to put the young girl over a boy on canvas, he explains that he finds female faces most expressive because they register a varied spectrum of emotions that diminish by adolescence.

Final Thoughts :

AnandPanchal deserves his moment in the sun because he is not only an impeccable artist but also a capture of lost connect with rural India. At present, he holds several solos, and group shows in many cities in India in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and internationally Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, amongst others. AnandPanchal manages his art while residing in Kandivli, a western suburb of Mumbai. Do check out his incredible art!

[Credit :AnandPanchal]