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Cyberflix TV APK Download Latest Version for Android Version 3.3.5

Get the latest official Cyberflix APK, the latest version 3.3.5 from this page. Follow our step-by-step instructions on how to set up Cyberflix TV on different devices like Android, Firestick, & PC.

Cyberflix TV

Since TVZion was closed, users are seeking a replacement application. There are a myriad of apps on the internet however it is best to have a long-lasting working application. We are fortunate to have an application called Cyberflix app that is an option for those seeking streaming media apps.

Additionally the advanced search feature and the Ad-free content of the app are simply amazing that everyone enjoys.

What is Cyberflix TV?

Cyberflix is a complete entertainment platform for Android-based TVs, smartphones, tablets. It acts as an online video search engine that searches the internet in accordance with the user’s search queries. It doesn’t keep any data from movies or shows on its servers, it does source the content on the internet.

Cyberflix offers you the most up-to-date and available on-demand access to the best movies and shows. Enjoy thousands of your most loved shows on your TV or tablet computers, and more. I’m not even sure if I add that it’s completely free and virus-free!

It’s packed with incredible features to explore without paying a cent. Let’s look at the amazing features in the following paragraphs…


We’ve been informed about the precise functionality of the app as well as its concept. Now, we’ll take a quick review of its most popular features and a brief overview.

Cyberflix TV APK

Safe & Secure

Cyberflix has completed the malware testing using antivirus software. It is free of malware and 100% secure to use.

No Subscription

A majority of people cannot make money during this outbreak of novel corona. Cyberflix does not require a subscription and does not require signing up.

Android TV Support

Are you missing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or other subscriptions to the Android TV? You can Install Cyberflix TV on Android TV and start enjoying its content.

Subtitles available for every language

Thank goodness, Cyberflix supports subtitles for various languages. Just one click to turn off or on subtitles for any language when watching the content.

Cyberflix TV

Other Features

  • The app is very user-friendly beautiful design with simple navigation and an easy interface.
  • Offline viewing is a way to access specific content. You can download the content directly onto your device as long as the amount of storage you have.
  • Keep your favorites in your bookmarks and then access them with an additional tap to take quick glance. Simply tap an icon with a star to create your own personal section.
  • Similar to other apps, Cyberflix doesn’t require you to sign up for an account with it. No login required!
  • Content that is well-categorized with customized filters. You can sort content by year and genre, language and rating popular, as well as recently added.
  • It comes with a default media player that is compatible with any screen or device. You are able to still make use of external players like MX player or VLC player.

Download Cyberflix APK For Android [Latest Version]

Below is the complete APK file for Cyberflix TV’s latest version. Click here to download the application and download it to your phone. There are also instructions for installation that can assist you in installing the application. To ensure that you don’t face the ” No Data Error” or Cyberflix not working issues.

  • It’s a must-try: UnlockMyTV- the best alternative for when it’s down.

Pikashow application is a well-known option to Cyberflix for live TV channels, sports, and games.

Cyberflix TV

How do I download the Cyberflix TV application for Android Mobiles and Tablets

As I had promised I mentioned earlier, the thetechiefinds editor team have provided installation instructions.

This section we’ll give you steps-by-step instructions for installing Cyberflix along with pictures.

  • Be sure to download the APK via our site( LINK).
  • Open your Download manager, or the File manager, and click to open it. Then, tap on the APK file.
  • Block by Pay Protect pop-up will be displayed and you need to click Install Now. If you’re not sure about your security then click OK.
  • Click on the Install button when you receive an installer wizard.
  • Give it a couple of minutes.
  • Now Cyberflix TV is installed and you can tap Open to launch the application.
  • Create a new password and confirm with “3000”.
  • Again “3000”.
  • Tap Done.
  • Allow.
  • Click OK on the screen of changelog.
  • Choose default video player as ExoPlayer(Native).
  • Accept the Disclaimer.

Important Note: Cyberflix TV is officially not available in the Google Play Store so your device should be configured by selecting “Allow from this source” to use this app. To enable this, head to Settings > Apps and Notifications -> App Info Click on Cyberflix TV.

How to Install Cyberflix on Firestick / Fire TV (Quick Guide)

The steps below are only applicable to Amazon Firestick and the Fire TV Stick 4K devices. If you’re planning for a way to set up Cyberflix on it, this section could help.

Cyberflix TV

Part IEnable “Apps from Unknown Source” feature

  • Start on your Smart TV and make sure to connect the firestick into it. Additionally, connect to the internet.
  • Go to the home screen and locate and then the option to open the Settings menu in the menu that is located at the top.
  • Click on My Fire TV or Device option.
  • Then, choose the Developer option.
  • Click on the Applications from unidentified Sources.
  • Then, click to then the button to turn off the button.

Part 2. Download the Downloader application on firestick

  • To do this, click on to open the button to search. It is located on the homepage.
  • Type in”../” or “Downloader” in the search field.
  • Select the Downloader from the options and then click it.
  • Choose the tile of the Downloader.
  • Click Download button.
  • Open.
  • Allow.
  • Ok.

Cyberflix TV

Part 3. Install this Cyberflix APK to the firestick with Downloader app

  • Open downloader application. (Check beneath the Apps & Games label)
  • Enter this URL in the address bar and click on the Go button.
  • The file will begin download, and you must wait for it to finish.
  • Click on Install.
  • Click on Open.
  • The downloader will send you an alert window that you can uninstall the download.
  • If you wish to save the space in your device, then press the delete button.
  • Once the app is installed is installed, you can start it by going to the Homepage > Your Channels and Apps.

This is all there is to it for the firestick. If you’re looking to install it without downloader app , ES File Explorer is the alternative.

Download Cyberflix for PC (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7)

Be aware that Cyberflix TV’s version for PC is currently is not available, and there’s no reply to the creators. Therefore, I have decided to use Cyberflix TV on my PC with Android emulators for Windows. It could be helpful to you too.

Cyberflix TV

The Bluestacks emulator can be downloaded on its official website. Presently, Bluestacks is one best Android emulators that are available.

Simply double click the setup file you downloaded and complete your Installation of Bluestack.

Download the APK file onto your computer via the link in the previous sections.

Open the desktop and then click the Bluestacks icon in order to open it.

Select option option to Install the APK option.

Browse to pick the cf3.3.1.apk file from the correct directory.

After a short time, Cyberflix installed on Bluestacks.

You can use the Cyberflix television application from your laptop/computer.

  • It isn’t feasible to install it the application without Bluestacks and/or an Android emulator, but it is possible to install the alternatives.
  • How to Setup Cyberflix TV on Roku
  • Are you sure that Cyberflix TV Compatible with Roku? Officially No. However, technically, it is possible using Localcast, the Localcast Android application.
  • #1. The first thing to do is ensure that your Android phone or tablet should be connected to Cyberflix.

Furthermore Install the Local cast app on the Play Store.

Enable Roku to show Discovery choices of Local casting. (Homepage > Cast Icon)

After that, launch the Cyberflix application.

Select your favorite stream link, and then tap “Play” to play …”.

Select LocalCast.

Make connections to the Roku device and stream to Cyberflix onto Roku without screen mirrors.

How to Update Cyberflix?

Cyberflix often releases new versions that include added options, fixing bugs and increasing security. We suggest that you check for the most current updates every week.

Cyberflix TV

To upgrade the app by hand you can download the latest version on the official website or on our site. Remove the previous version and then install an updated version. This will erase the entire app’s information, including downloading history, watching history and favorites,.

It is likely that Cyberflix will automatically check for updates that are available, but it’s not able to download updates itself. It will inform you via an alert in the form of a pop-up, then click the Update button.

To enable automatic updates, go to settings and then Save for Storage > Mark to enable it.

It generally takes between 2 and 3 seconds to finish the upgrade.

Is Cyberflix Legal?

As with other streaming apps that are third-party, Cyberflix is not a legitimate application. At present, it isn’t facing any legal challenges and is merely becoming a common application.

Additionally, Cyberflix hasn’t hosted any pirated content on its servers. it functions as an online module search tool that helps discover online content, its developers stated. However, you should avoid using this app in the event of copyright problems, or make use of an VPN to conceal your identity.

Cyberflix TV


In terms of security, downloading the application from reputable sources is suggested.

Will it harmful to my computer?

There are a few websites that offer the cloned versions which are infected by viruses and malware. If you download these types of apps that are duplicates, it could cause damage to your device. Make sure you download from trusted sources or websites.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change Playback Options?

It is not possible to change the settings for playback for the default player. If you change the default media player into VLC Player or MX Player and you can alter these settings for them only.

How to increase Cyberflix Resolution?

Selecting the right connection for HQ, like 720p or greater.

What did happen with Cyberflix in July of 2020? why did it not work?

Cyberflix TV

What’s the most effective media player for it?

I’ll rank them from the most to least. 1. MX Player 2. Default Player 3. VLC Player.

Is it available on iOS?

Unfortunately, no, search for alternatives via the internet.

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