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Fred Durst Net Worth, life, wife, kids, Spouse and Age

Fred Durst, America’s most-loved singer, is worth $20 million. Durst is also known by the name “Band Limp Bizkit” for his work.

Fred Durst Net Worth

Fred Durst is a well-known actor and director in the film industry. Limp Bizkit, along with Megadeth and Korn are seen as the precursor to Nu-Metal.

This article will tell you some facts about Fred Durst and his net worth. You can read the guide to find out all about Fred Durst.

What is Fred Durst’s net worth?

Durst’s Hollywood Hills home is up for sale at $1.645million. Durst’s original construction included approximately 3,000 square feet of living space and a wine cellar.

The property was purchased for $1.5million a year before. Fred wrote on Facebook in the middle of 2018 California wildfires that his other property was “burnt to ground”.

Fred wrote on Facebook during the 2018 California wildfires that his other property was “burnt to ground”. A large amount of Fred’s belongings were destroyed, as well as a significant amount of expensive sound recording equipment. Fred purchased a house in West Hollywood for $3 million in July 2021.

Fred Durst’s net worth is approximately. 25 Million USD

Fred Durst Children and Life

After they had their daughter and married, the couple had a daughter named Adriana Durst in 1990. Fred Durst’s child is named Dalla.

Fred Durt and ther Nazarov were married in 2009. They split three months later. Fred Durst recently married enua, a make-up artist.


Fred Durst Net Worth

Durst was the father of Dallas. He and Jennifer, a former playboy, were his ex-girlfriend. His name was inspired by the city he was born in. Fred was thrilled to have a son, as he had always longed for one.

Fred Durst is a century old

Fred Durst’s full name is William Frederick. He is an American photographer and composer. A 51-year old man who dreams of becoming a great musician.

He is a well-known musician and a member the “Limp BIZK” band. He has appeared in numerous TV and movie shows.

Fred Durst’s wife

Fred is the father to three children from three marriages. He had two children with Rachel Tergesen, his first wife.

Fred Durst Net Worth

Fred and Esther Nazarov were married in 2009. Kseniya Biryazina was his wife, however, after their divorce.

Kseniya Beryazina

Beryazina is a Ukrainian make-up artist. Fred Dust has been their husband since 2012 and they have two children together as Limp Bizkit’s lead singer. Six studio albums were released by this 1994 nu-metal group. Fred, her husband, is well-known.

Kseniya’s husband, a rapper and DJ, started rapping and dancing a few years back. After two years of developing an idea for a rock-infused band, Jacksonville’s tattoo artist and landscaper quit the Navy.

Fred Durst was her husband and she married Ksenia Bernyazina. They dated for two more years after they met in 2010. They were married in 2012 They are happy married and there is no sign of a breakup.

Fred Durst Net Worth

After three months of marriage, his previous wife Esther Nazarov divorced him. She is Fred Durst’s spouse and a household name.

Fred Durst Spouse

Fred Durst is not currently married, but his past relationships show that he was married several times. His first marriage to Rachel Tergesen resulted in the birth of a child.

The couple’s marriage ended in divorce after a period of about 90 to 1993. Durst married Esther Nazaroy three years later. Their marriage lasted only three months before they separated.

He began a new relationship in 2012 with Kseniya Biryazina (a cosmetics artist). After a long time together, the third union was ended in 2018.

Fred Durst Net Worth

Fred Durst will have a net worth of $ 25 million in a year. His primary source of income is his career as a musician. He is the singer of Limp Bizkit, which is one of the most popular brands in the world. This has given him a substantial fortune.

Fred Durst Net Worth

Fred Durst has sold millions of albums internationally with this band. He was the highest-paid global musician between December 2016 and November 2017, with a net worth $ 46 million. He is also an actor and director in Hollywood movies.

Fred Durst’s wealth is one of the main reasons he is so high up in the heap. If Fred continues to work as hard as he does, his net worth will increase to the required value.

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