Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Google Task Mate: Google’s new Task Mate app service

Task Mate app service is being tested by the giant tech company Google, which may be launched in India soon. As the name suggests, in this new service, some tests will be given to the user, after which the users will be able to earn some money. Simply put, skilled users will be able to earn big money sitting at home with Google’s new service.

Will be able to earn money sitting at home

Google’s new Task Mate app service will provide work to people through online mode. All these works can be done at home from online mode only. For this, there will be no need to go anywhere and no degree will be required. There is no need for any major infrastructure to use Google’s new Task Mate service. Users will be able to complete all the tasks from their smartphones. On completion of the task, Google users will be given rewards, which can be collected and earned. Worldwide due to covid-19

Will be able to collect money in local language

On the beta version, the app of Google’s new Task Mate service has been made available from where users will be able to earn extra. According to Reddit Post, Google’s tasks will be quite simple, in which many types of tasks will be available from all over the world. This test can also be categorized. In this, users will be able to translate from English to local language. Works such as transcript, recording spoken, photo editing, mapping can also be given. In this case, the user can do his work according to his skill

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