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How to Hide Contact Number in Telegram and Use iOS and Android

Well, in case you’ve utilized Telegram, you may be aware that the instant messaging app require your telephone number to register.

In the same way, additional Telegram users may also find you from the contact number or through your username. Consequently, if you do not want other people to locate you on Telegram through the contact number, you may opt to conceal it. Additionally, by default, Telegram reveals your telephone number on the profile segment. The telephone number is observable to all connections linked with your Telegram account.

This item raises a few privacy problems. By way of instance, the person who has attained you through username will know your contact number. That is the reason why a lot of Telegram users decide to hide their telephone numbers. It is relatively simple to conceal telephone numbers in a telegram, given in case you and your contacts have been comfortable using the username lookup system.

Steps To Hide Your Contact Number in Telegram for Android

In the following guide, we’ll discuss a step-by-step guide about the best way best to hide your telephone number in Telegram for Android. Let us take a look at.

Telegram for Android

Step 1. First of all, open the Telegram app in your own Android smartphone.

Step 2. Now tap the three horizontal lines as shown below.

Step 3. In the menu, then tap the  ‘Settings’

Step 4. On the Preferences page, tap the ‘Privacy and Security’ alternative.

Step 5. Beneath the Privacy, tap the ‘Phone Number’ alternative.

Step 6. Underneath the who will see my contact number, there are three distinct choices — Everyone, My Contacts, and No one .

Step 7. If you choose the ‘Nobody’ option, you’ll come across another alternative, ‘Who will find me by my number’.

Step 8. After done with the settings, then tap the Check mark button found in the top-right corner.

That is it! You’re finished. This is the way you are able to hide your telephone number in Telegram to get Android.

Telegram for Android

Use Telegram on iOS and Android

With its clean user interface and wide range of features, it is not surprising that Telegram has become a great deal of attention. Contrary to other chat clients, Telegram for Android is cloud-based, which means that you are able to easily transfer your conversations involving your smart phone, tablet as well as your desktop computer, because of independent programmers.

Telegram for Android is greater than simply a messaging client, enabling users to input key conversations which are encrypted for additional security. You are also able to share more than just videos and pictures — Telegram enables you to move files or send your present location to a buddy with the click of a button. On top of that, there are no advertisements and it is totally free.

If you would like to get started using Telegram to message your friends, here is the way to get everything setup.

Telegram for Android

  1. Install the Telegram app. Open the App Shop or Google Play and hunt for Telegram. Locate the program with the paper plane logo and set up.

  2. Enter your telephone number. After flipping through the welcome screen, you will be prompted to enter your telephone number. Telegram will instantly send you a text message using a four-digit code to confirm that it is your real amount. Input that code to the program to continue.

  3. Insert your name and an image. Telegram enables users create their own preferences, complete with title and image. Input this info to continue.

  4. Find a buddy with Telegram App. Telegram can automatically search your contacts to get buddies who use Telegram should you grant the program consent to access your address book. Once you tap on the Contacts tab in the bottom left of this display, Telegram will demonstrate an inventory of your buddies using Telegram followed by connections now not signed up to the program. It is possible to send an invitation to join a conversation by tapping a buddy’s name that is not yet utilizing Telegram for Android.

  5. Begin a normal conversation. Select a buddy that has a Telegram accounts to begin a new conversation. Very similar to WhatsApp along with other conventional messaging programs, there is a text area in the bottom of the screen that is used to form messages.

  6. Send a photograph, Internet image, movie, record, contact along with your existing site. Unlike many messaging programs, Telegram enables you to ship a vast assortment of information for your buddies. Harness the paperclip icon next to the chat text area and select the kind of information that you need to ship. You may opt to immediately have a photograph or movie, or pick one from the own library. There is also an choice to search the internet for a picture, that opens a search prompt which reveals only picture outcomes.

  7. If you would like to send your existing location to a buddy, pick the Location choice and approve that program’s accessibility to your existing site. There is also the choice to share contacts and documents, for if you have to talk about a document or pass along an individual information.

  8. Start a key chat. In the Contacts tab, then choose the choice that states New Secret Chat and select a buddy’s name. You are able to send texts, documents and media just as you would in a standard chat.In a key chat, tap your buddy’s name near the peak of the display > tap on the Info button and proceed in the Self-Destruct Timer settings. Pick one minute, two seconds, five minutes, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day or weekly.

  9. Fix your conversation history. From the Preferences tab in the bottom right in the  program, you may select an image on your chat wallpapers. Telegram has a massive choice of pictures to select from, letting you customize the appearance and texture of your own conversations.

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