How to increase CPU speed using clocking software

So if you’re not familiar with the concept of overclocking and you’re worried that your Windows PC is running slower than before and you want to speed it up, you’ve struck then this article is your gold mine where we have gathered the latest information about how to increase CPU speed using clocking software that will make it work perfectly on any window you own.

If you’re not experienced with overclocking, you can get MSI Afterburner with its easy interface.This can also test the stability and thermal performance of the graphic cards of your PC (it supports all graphic cards) so you can make the most of the graphic cards of your PC. If you are looking for more in detail guide you can check .

Top 4 best CPU clocking software you should choose:

1) Intel XTU:

The Intel XTU is extremely simple and is used for overclocking by both beginners and advanced users. This is the best tool you can get if you have Intel hardware and processor. It has support for Intel-Core processors of the next generation.

Intel XTU allows you to monitor your system very easily, maximize your processor’s ability, analyze temperature, and observe changes in your CPU with time after overclocking.

how to increase CPU speed using clocking software

2) CPU-Z and GPU-Z:

For anyone who wants to overclock their system, processor and graphic card, this software is a must-have. These tools are the best out there to observe your system analytics and the performance of your system before and after overclocking.

CPU-Z provides, to say the least, all information related to the processor, including packages, cache levels, voltage etc. GPU-Z focuses more on information about your graphics card, such as memory clocks and GPU clocks, Temperature, size and more, all you need to know about GPU and overclocking. NVIDIA, AMD, Intel GPU and ATI Graphic Cards are compatible with both of them.


FSB Connects your CPU to the main memory, so making the correct settings is a smart way to increase the performance of your PC to its limits. You will be happy to know that this SET FSB can also help to give the boost to your CPU performance and increase FSB speed as well.

Like any Windows overclocking software, you have the freedom to change voltage, memory, graphics, and processor as you like, while making sure that your system remains stable. But make sure you don’t compromise your system when you over clock as it could cause damage.

4) NVIDIA inspector:

NVIDIA Inspector is an application whose primary purpose is simply to display the user’s graphic card information. It is also widely used to overclock GPU, however. However, NVIDIA Inspector has its limits.

It can’t monitor the temperature or stability of your system, so you might want other tools like HWMonitor or 3DMark to do that for you. However, the application does have a simple user interface, so overclocking with the NVIDIA Inspector won’t be a complex task for you.

Final words:

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