You must understand the complete process of replacing a trimmer line to take good care of your garden and maintain it healthily. You need to replace the line of the trimmer before the start of each season as the existing line on the trimmer becomes brittle when unused and easily break into pieces. The breaking down of the line becomes faster on cutting dense shrubs and weed or on hard and rough surfaces.

A bumped head usually has a circular cutting head which is black in colour. The head is attached to a knob loaded on springs in the centre part. You must disassemble the cutting head before you load anew line and replace the existing one. You can read the best cordless string trimmer reviews on

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The following steps show how you can smoothly replace the existing old line with a new line:

  • At the first instance, you must prepare the exact line as fitted in the machine for replacement and must choose the right one that is supported in the device to prevent it from overheating and breaking down. You can begin the process of replacement by cutting down ten feet line either in a twin-strand manner or a split manner. The standard size of the line varies between 0.065 to 0.095 inches in diameter.
  • The cutting head must then be removed by unscrewing the knob or the bump for taking the inner spring and the wheel out.
  • You must now insert the new line but only after removing the debris from the inner chamber that might have accumulated with time and cutting. You can see and locate two different holes on top of the reel. You need to insert the line in the holes and pull it until few inches of the line remains.
  • You must loop both the ends together and close the loop all over. The short ends of the line must form a loop through the holes which you need to pull closer to the end.
  • You now need to wrap the line on the wheel or the spool by making sure that the line does not overlap at any particular point. You must perform this wrapping in the direction to which the arrowhead on the top of the head points. You can apply a little pressure to wrap the line in an even manner till the line remains up to only a few inches. You then need to push and press the line inside the slots that hold the line.
  • You finally need to finalize the procedure by replacing the spring back to its original position on the hole or the shaft.
  • You can feed the lines through the eye or the holes located on the heads of the springs.
  • Make the knob or the bump tight. You can do this by placing the reel on the shaft and aligning it with the slots and the holes on the reel over the head of the equipment.
  • You must keep holding the reel for compressing and tightening the bump on the head of the trimmer.
  • Finally, you must release the line once it has been placed appropriately by pulling over the lines to ensure their release from the position slots. You need to perform this finalized step to start operating on the machine.

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You must always keep the bump of the trimmer in the best possible condition and must replace the line before the start of every season. The main reason for you to maintain the line of the trimmer is that it increases the durability of the whole machine and helps you to trim your lawn for a long span of life.


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