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Learn Why Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing Go Hand In Hand In the battle for online supremacy, companies are doing all they can to make their brand as visible and as relevant as possible. This means they have staff designated to create online content and even more staff dedicated to ensuring their social media presence is felt as much as possible. The mistake that most of these companies make is that they do not combine the two. Often the social media guys are isolated from the content writers within the same company. Of course, the two teams have some sort of interaction but only when it comes to linking one platform to the other. The social media team only links to the fresh content created by the writers and that is about as far as this interaction goes.

This interaction should be more substantial. Mainly baring to the fact that the two teams deal with the brand content. As much as most people view tweets and Facebook updates as just that; tweets and Facebook updates. The truth of the matter is, these are all content. Tweets and updates may be short and mostly abbreviated, but they serve as content and they reflect on the brand. As a brand owner, you should Learn Why Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing Go Hand In Hand.

Much like the common place content, your social media updates garner traction for your brand. They are written with the single intent of creating awareness and gaining client involvement. Just like you would optimize your blog content for your specific keywords and niche, you do the same for your social media updates. Every single update made has one clear purpose, gain attention for the brand. That is exactly what regular content does.

You need to make all your social media updates relevant to your brand and target niche, otherwise, there would be no reason to write them. Everything you do on the various social media platforms is intended to reflect positively on your brand. As much as many brands use these platforms as avenues for blind self-promotion, the more intuitive brands use them as a tool for forging a stronger online clientele base.

That being said, regular content is also greatly reliant on social media updates. This is the one sure fire way of creating mass awareness about any fresh content. Without these feeds, most content would wallow and wither away into the dark corners of the internet without ever seeing the appropriate light of day that is so necessary for it to serve its purpose. Social media platforms and updates serve as an amplifier for content. These are the big online billboards that let people know where to look.

Here’s how you can sync your regular content and your social media efforts in order to get the most out of both avenues and tools.

Sync both social media and content schedules

Regular content needn’t be as regular as social media updates. Some platforms only require fresh content twice a week or so; blogs need a minimum of one fresh article a week. Social media on the other hand needs more activity. On Twitter, you may need to tweet relevant content at least twice a day in order to maintain a healthy following. Make sure to schedule your brand content and social media updates regularly. When you have fresh material, sync it with your most relevant social media updates and schedule them for the most active time of day.

Use social media to build anticipation

Just like Hollywood producers make movie trailers to build anticipation for the actual feature release, you should do the same for your content using social media updates. Not only will this create an eager following that may lead to further exploration of your brand and previous content, it will also help garner you more followers. Once your social media feeds get a lot of activity, more and more people will want to see what the fuss is about. This way, you will get a fresh audience for your brand and content.

Include your audience in the discussion

As much as there are comment sections for most posts, these are often restricting. They are only open to the people who stumble upon your content. Use your social media post to promote your content by interacting with the readers. Ask questions, accept suggestions and let them tell you what they want to read and how they like your content. This will give you great insight on who your audience is and their preferences. Making use of analytics will help with this as well.

These are just some of the ways through which you can integrate your social media department and your content creation department to work for your the greater good of your brand awareness campaign. Remember to optimize as much as possible and to always keep both the content and the social media updates relevant and fresh.


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