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Model Jane Lucier is More Than Just a Pretty Face

Jane Lucier born on April 10 1997, is an Canadian designer and model. She is well-known for her bold style on online platforms. Jane has over 287k fans on Instagram, 2.22k subscribers on YouTube. Jane has gained a lot of attention on TikTok and has created a devoted fan base of followers.

You may be familiar with Jane Lucier through her unabashedly scandalous images on social media or her captivating work in the world of adult entertainment but there’s plenty more behind Jane than what you see.

Jane Lucier

Jane is French and a Canadian businesswoman who has achieved financial freedom when she was just 21 years old age. She was able to achieve stability and earned her success through her working in the adult sector in addition to investing in real estate and stocks properties. The way she has utilized her expanding online platform to make money from her business is evidence of her determination and commitment to entrepreneurship.

Jane Lucier

Jane Lucier was always drawn to business, from the time she was when she was a child. She remembers watching her father run his various companies and even supporting him on occasions, such as by packaging the products of her siblings, or even by arranging his expense expenses for the company. Jane was just eight years older when she started selling lemonade at the street corner to neighbors. When she was around 10 she composed and directed her first short film by the title of Guet-Apens (English translation: Ambush). In the following year, Jane tragically lost her father in a tragic accident, yet the traits of entrepreneurship they learned from them resonate today. It wasn’t clear at the time however, the entrepreneurial traits she was taught were about to blossom.

Jane Lucier

In the school where she did exceptionally, Jane always preferred the idea of being a self-employed worker and working for herself. While pursuing her academics full-time,Jane Lucier was involved in several projects at the same time. In addition to being fully-timed student and had an internship as well, she was active in two committees and also worked part-time as a sales rep for a major skin care firm. After completing her education however, she had an interest in entrepreneurship. It wasn’t long after that she decided to take her leave and leave everything in the dust. Jane Lucier packed up her stuff and went away. She left home, school, job as well as friends and city behind, never looking back. Jane did not know what she was doing, but it would turn out to be one of the most important decisions she made in her life.

Jane Lucier was a new city by herself and was left to make do. She had to begin from scratch and only had one aim to be financially secure. This was the time Jane took her first steps into the world of adult entertainment. In retrospect, Jane Lucier recognizes that this was probably not the best choice in her life.

Jane Lucier

For Jane Lucier her decision to enter the adult sector was an easy and natural decision. Jane Lucier had often thought about the idea, but could not decide the best moment to pursue it until now. By combining her love of human interaction, psychology sociology and videography with photography as well as health, aesthetics and sexuality, entrepreneurship and her love of sexual arousal, sex work was the obvious choice. While she was making huge amounts of money from the industry but she was also making as much savings as she could by investing it in real estate as well as the market. Her first venture was renting Airbnb’s. As she began to build her credit score and name then she began to invest in real property. As Jane moved into the online adult market and began to increase her income streams and she was able to continue expanding her portfolio of investments. Jane Lucier portfolio today is not commonplace for someone of her age as well as for the majority of people overall.

Jane Lucier

Presently, Jane Lucier is living free of financial burdens and has multiple businesses that are largely profitable for her. There are several months during which Jane has an impressive six-figure earnings from just one of her companies. Jane Lucier has created an empire in a niche that has supported her lifestyle and goals and is the ultimate goal of all entrepreneurs. We can safely say Jane Lucier has “made it,” however, she’s beginning to get started.

What is the net worth of Jane Lucier?

Jane Lucier net worth is estimated to be $100k to $1 Million USD. Jane Lucier’s main income source is modeling for various brands, events & magazines

social media account

Instagram – @jane_lucier
TikTok – @jane_lucier
Twitter – @jane_lucier


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