Moogle Corp: Company you might be working for

Google is among the largest, coolest and most profitable corporations around the globe. The main reason Google is being the best is their capacity to invent continuously.There are nine fundamental rules that guide Google’s ingenuous culture:

  1. Aim to be ten times better
  2. Bet on technical insights
  3. Give employees 20 percent time
  4. Default to open processes
  5. Fail well
  6. Have a mission that matters
  7. Ship and iterate
  8. Focus on the user
  9. Innovation comes from anywhere

Let’s look at this list to the rules set forth in the company known as Moogle (short to “Moogle Corp. .”). The company is huge. Within its industry it is the sole owner of 99percent of all the markets (of course, the management determines the market it could be in). It employs thousands of people and has large clients. It has products in the market for a number of years, and generally believes it is the most successful and largest company worldwide even though it does not reflect any facts. The company is a traditional pyramid structures.


At the bottom, you will find auditors, employees Quality control and business analysts, as well as designers and other roles. They are the ones who actually create something. In order to be concise we’ll refer to the majority of these workers. If something goes wrong, and regardless of whether anyone is aware of the problem, they immediately begin accusing another group. The use of critical thinking is not recommended as following well-established procedures is what will yield the highest efficiency. They use a waterfall approach since it reduces risk. They are split into so many departments that it sometimes takes days to determine who is responsible for doing something (manager gives it to workers who say it must be performed by auditors who forward it on to quality control etc.).

The employees are overseen. There are numerous supervisory posts and roles, however to keep simplicities, we’ll just call each of them a manager. It is not known how many managers the employees are employed by a company. There is a strong feeling among employees who feel they’re outnumbered by two by 1 (there there are 2 managers per worker). The majority of workers aren’t aware of what managers do other than the needing to know status reports with an the frequency that is increasing. A few of the smarter workers realized that the content of these documents is not that important so they contain numbers within it, and also if the text color green prevails over text that is the redIt is not known the number of levels beyond the initial one. As far as we can tell, it’s a pyramid that never ends. Each time one is able to connect with”the top “person on top”, one is able to open a new position with the intention of managing the individual.

Moogle Corp

Let’s review Google rules once more and then compare them to the society of Moogle:

  1. Aim to be ten times better

Moogle Corp is already the best , so there’s no reason to get better. In addition, becoming better is risky. What Moogle is able to do, is working. It isn’t an option.

  1. Bet on technical insights

Technical insights pose a risk too. Moogle will not allow itself to explore new directions or technologies until they are tested. If a sufficient amount of time have passed and the “new” technology is still in use, Moogle will evaluate it and take a sound decision. There is a group comprised of those who have a process that is in place. Within less than one year of two, an evaluation will be completed.

  1. Give employees 20 percent time

Moogle Corp for business not a charitable organization. If someone is looking for 20 percent of the time to do something that they are interested in, it is possible to be accomplished on weekend hours. In addition, it’s a known fact that only those who are above the 5th pay grade can create something completely new and profitable for their company.

  1. Default to open processes

The plot is clever plan that aims to steal Moogle intellectual assets. The company follows a strict security guidelines. Just mentioning the words like “open” can provoke undesirable negative consequences.

Moogle Corp

  1. Fail well

Moogle has never failed. It has always fulfilled what was specified in the specifications. If a project doesn’t work this is because the customer was unsure of what he wanted or the requirements weren’t clear. In any scenario, it’s not the Moogle Corp  fault.

  1. Have a mission that matters

Moogle has a purpose and it’s important. The fact that practically no one is aware of what that mission is does not suggest that there isn’t one.

  1. Ship and iterate

Moogle strives for perfection. It is not released until it’s passed 10 stages fifteen departments with 25 signatures, three signatures, as well as 13 review. If it takes more than a year to deliver a basic feature, then so be it. Nothing can stand against the pursuit of perfection.

  1. Focus on the user

Who is the user? There isn’t any user. There are customers who purchase Moogle products, and then purchase maintenance for those products. There’s a good chance that there are people using these products, but as there’s a relationship between Moogle and the user, it’s the responsibility of the user to determine specifications. Moogle Corp will follow exactly what it’s written in the specifications.

  1. Innovation comes from anywhere

Within Moogle the company, innovation is welcomed provided it is not happening within the working hours. The current schedule for projects is extremely rushed and there isn’t enough budget or time to invent. There is a direct correlation between money and time. If time is present and money, there will be no time. If money is available then there is time. In the majority of cases the case, neither is there. There’s no reason why nobody is looking for to be innovative. It’s that nobody is willing or has the time to invest in it.

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