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PUBG New State: All you need to know

We have updated the PUBG New State hub with information about the official launch. For the latest news, continue reading.

The original PUBG, also known as Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds, is credited for launching the battle royal games trend. Ten cent finally brought PUBG to mobile devices using the appropriately titled PUBG Mobile. PUBG: New State is now available.

PUBG New State

This game is completely different from anything we have seen in the PUBG world. It is unique in that it takes place at a different moment and has unique features.

Below, you will find everything you need about PUBG New State. Bookmark this page, as we will be updating it often.

What is PUBG: New State and what does it mean?

PUBG: New State, a mobile-only title set in the PUBG universe, is now available. This game is only available for Android and iOS users.

The present is where the original PUBG was set. New State takes place in 2051, not too far away. It will also bring new characters to the PUBG world.

It is still a PUBG game and works exactly like other games. As you battle against hundreds of other players, you are dropped onto a map.

PUBG New State

Where and when will PUBG: New State be launched?

The game was launched in more than 200 countries on Android and iOS, November 11, 2021. You can access New State from any mobile device anywhere on the planet.

You can download this game from the Google Play Store if you’re excited to play it.

What are the special features of this game’s unique game play?

This new game’s most distinctive feature is not the game itself, but the company behind it. PUBG Studios has created PUBG: New State. This is the same company who made the original PUBG.

PUBG:Mobile, a Chinese gaming giant Ten cent’s mobile PUBG game, is the only other mobile PUBG game. New State is the only mobile title from the original developer.

PUBG New State

The future is the setting for the new PUBG game. It features a new map and new weapons. There are also new ways to interact in the environment.

New State features other PUBG titles do not have, except in development. A weapon customization system allows players to modify the appearance of their weaponry during matches. Similar to Apex Legends, this system allows players to change the appearance of their weaponry during matches. New weapons are available to reflect the futuristic setting. These include drones and deployable combat armors.

A new map is available for the game. Troi is the place where you will land after you have dropped. You can find new landmarks and intractable environments that allow you to devise unique ways to disable your enemies.

Finally, PUBG New State was specifically designed for mobile gaming. Developers aimed for “next-gen graphics” that “exceed the standard for mobile gaming. New players can expect the same intuitive control experience, which is “easy to learn but difficult to master.”

Will PUBG: New State be available on PCs or other platforms?

PUBG: New State was specifically designed for mobile. You can expect it to be available on both iOS and Android devices.

PUBG New State

It’s possible that a console or PC port of Fortnight could be made in the future. Cross-platform play is a key feature of Fortnight, a competitor game. It’s not unreasonable to expect that PUBG Studios would offer something similar to its titles. It’s possible, however, that this is not the strategy and that this game will remain a mobile exclusive. The future will show.

You can play this game on your smart phone or tablet for now.

Keep up to date with PUBG: New State News

Follow the game’s social media pages to keep up-to-date with the latest information about PUBG: New State.

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