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The Very Best and fastest way to Learn what Is Happening In cellular development and get your questions answered is via mobile app development sites. There are several hacks and information regarding mobile development which you could surely find whatever you want. But with such a rich selection of tools, what resources do you need to start looking for the true details? With such a great number of websites on mobile development, it is easy to get lost in all of them. That’s the reason why we prepared a listing of the best android app store growth sites which may come in handy for you.

Android is among the most popular operating systems on the planet — its cellular market share is 75.44percent globally. The web is full of sites that offer you invaluable insights about the best way best to construct a program that’ll operate with this OS. Below there are five insightful websites on Android program advancement :

  1. How to update apps on android

It comes as no surprise that Google forces among the best Sites on Android program development. There you may get the most recent information on the working system, its upgrades, along with other helpful tips. The contributors to the site are Google professionals who have hands-on knowledge in Android program development. With this kind of educational source accessible, you’ll undoubtedly find what you’re searching for google play store app download for android.

Readers: Android programmers

Youtube: 800K+ contributors

2. How to make an android app

Android Authority has all you Want to know about Android programs, games, telephones, laptops, or tablet computers. The site offers you comprehensive reviews on the most recent Android upgrades, its attributes, development difficulties, and also the very best Android programs to install on your mobile phone. Also, the source acquaints you with comparison graphs of the Android apparatus so you can make the best option. Android Authority is the ideal app development site for both new and seasoned programmers.

Readers: overall audience, Android programmers

Youtube: 3.36+ million readers

3. Pro Android Dev

Released on Moderate, android app, Pro Android Dev includes Lots of Google And Android subscribers, those who discuss their insights to the top tricks and hints of cellular development. Go to the website to learn whatever you wish to learn more about the development of a Flutter program in half an hour, best use of Kotlin for Android advancement, and several other tech-related how-to themes.

Readers: Android programmers


It’s a true”gold mine” for both android auto app and designers, who wish to stay updated with all the hottest trends. Android Weekly provides information, ideas, and how-to tutorials about creating informed apps. You might even find that there code snippets out of GitHub along with other helpful tricks that are updated every week.

Clients: Android programmers and designers

5. Fragmented

You can read posts on program development sites and also Listen to Android podcasts. Fragmented thoroughly covers tech-related topics targeted at the varied crowd. Both novices and skillful developers will discover useful information related to projects of sophistication.

Readers: Android programmers, best weather app for android 

Now it is time to Take a Look at some hot iOS sources:

1. iOS

This mobile application development site provides a new pair Of hand-picked posts on iOS cellular development on weekly basis. Subscribe to iOS Dev Weekly to find the most recent information in your email. Learn about Swift attributes, quick tips, and other iOS tech-related subjects.

Readers: iOS programmers

2. Apple

The official website for iOS programmers provides the most recent posts on various topics — the best way to submit your software to the Program shop, notifications on iOS upgrades, Swift, Siri, machine learning, along with other equally important issues.

Readers: programmers


The Site Offers a rich mobile development site where you Can discover different tutorials on iOS and macOS development. The source has paid and free content. General information is offered free of additional. Also, on, it is possible to discover books on cell app development issues.

Readers: iOS and macOS programmers

Youtube: 1.41K+ contributors


The sites offer a Wide Array of tricks, tips, information, Tutorials for iOS development. On the lookout for information about the best way best to utilize Flutter to your iOS program or how to deal with mistakes in Swift — iOS Developer Tips is exactly what you want.

Readers: iOS programmers

5. AppAdvice

This site on cellular technology provides articles on the top IOS mobile programs, messages programs, Apple TV, and View programs. Additionally, there is a good deal of the greatest iOS games graphs and gadget manuals and bargains. In AppAdvice, it is possible to find whatever you want to learn more about the finest iOS mobile goods…

Readers: overall iOS audience

Additional Mobile Development Blogs

1. DroidCrunch

DroidCruch provides valuable insight into a wide Selection Of subjects — mobile devices, PCs, games, operating systems such as iOS and Android. Also, the site has how-to content for Android programmers — the best way to fix different issues or maintaining your program protected.

Readers: overall viewers, Android and iOS programmers


Would you want to be updated on the latest trends and news in Cellular development? If so, this site on cellular technology is ideal for you — top-grossing apps globally, top shopping programs in 2019 or some other information on the top software is at your fingertips.

Clients: mobile program developers and overall audience

3. MobileAppDaily

If You Would like to catch up on the latest news, trends, and How-to content, MobileAppDilly is a program development site that makes it possible to keep updated all of the time t. Anything from the progression of your program to its marketing is recorded on this source.

Readers: program developers

4. Ray Wenderlich’s site

Technically speaking, This Isn’t an Ordinary site you read. The source is filled with tutorials on cellular development — Flutter, Android & Kotlin, Unity, server-side Swift, iOS & Swift tutorials. If you’re a mobile app programmer, one of the 3000+ tutorials, then you will surely find exactly what you want.

Clients: senior and junior iOS and Android Programmers

Facebook: 15.9K+ followers

5. DZone Mobile

The Website covers quite a broad array of themes — Everything from AI, cloud, IoT, Java to internet development. You could even find a good deal of practical advice — debut to Xamarin, Swift essentials, along with other helpful issues for mobile app developers.

Clients: overall audience, mobile program developers, engineers

Twitter: 72.3K+ followers

Facebook: 45.6K+ followers

6. Big Nerd Ranch

Though Big Nerd Ranch boasts about its creator being Recruited by none other than Steve Jobs back in 1997, among the main values of the business is its own blog. It gives loads of practical program development tutorials, together with hints for designers and software engineers. In any case, the blog also offers tips for group building and coaching in cellular technology.

Clients: applications engineers, iOS and Android Programmers

Facebook: 8.5K+ followers

Twitter: 13.3K+ followers

Instagram: 3.5K+ followers

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