The lint rollers made up of Scotch adhesive, with a plastic handle to offer convenience in cleaning various surfaces. There are a vast number of things you can do with a lint roller. They are excellent for doing difficult task easy.

Here are some clever ways to clean different spaces, stuff by using a lint roller.

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     Cleaning Craft Room:

The lint roller is effective in cleaning the craft room. When you do any crafts some extra bits and glitters will fall in and around the craft area at that time the lint roller can be helpful to remove them it grabs everything easily.

     Lampshades Dust Cleaning:

Lampshades are some delicate area to clean you cannot use a vacuum for it as don’t have a right material to clean it. And it is not suitable to clean it in washing machine either if you try to clean with some clothe it won’t fully take away the dirt in it but instead take a lot of time. Don’t worry the Scotch adhesive lint rollers are very good in collecting the dust present it.

     Handbag Cleaning:

99% of the women carry a handbag with them every time they go outside or office or parties etc. We carry a huge staff in it, so the bags easily become dirty with some small dust particles and debris. It is hard to clean the dust inside the handbag, (how small or large it may be) to make this easy we have a lint roller which can without difficulty fit into the handbags and grab hold of all the dust and debris present in the bag.

     Furniture Cleaning:

The furniture will become dusty quickly, and most of the people use a vacuum to clean it, but it is a long process when compared with a lint roller. Using a lint roller, you can easily and completely clean the unseen dust, dirt, debris present on the furniture.

     Easy to Clean Cars:

In cars there are different hard to reach places such as beside driver seat, console and dashboard were the debris gets settled and is very difficult to remove. The lint roller is very helpful in cleaning those areas. Use a mini lint roller for flawless cleaning.

     Clean Dandruff Off the Cloths:

Many people suffer from dandruff, and in most of the cases, dandruff falls on the shoulders cloths in unsightly white dust type. The lint rollers easily clean off all dandruff fallen on your fabrics, neck, and shoulders smoothly and keeps you away from skin problems.

     Easy to Capture Pets Fleas and Tricks:

Do you have a cat or dog in your home then the lint roller can assists you very well it easily removes the sticky fleas or tricks present on your pet’s fur? Even you can clean the fallen hair of your pet in any place.

     Pool Table Cleaning:

Do you like playing snooker game? Are you having a Pool table in your home? Then you need lint cleaner as it is very beneficial in removing all the dust and debris on the table. If you don’t clean the pool table, it’s not possible to play the game properly if you vacuum it can damage the pool table fiber.

There are so many other benefits you can have by getting a lint roller for you such as cleaning shaving hair, post hair, dusting drapes, textured ceilings, fur dolls, clothes and many others.


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