The 10 Runway Trends You’ll Be Wearing This Year

Just four years into the year 2022, a new wave of trends have arrived. And the team at Who What Wear editors have many things to discuss these trends. We can’t stop from talking about our favorite S/S 21 collections and the items we’d like to put on immediately (if you haven’t before) as well as the pieces we put away in 2021. Which ones did you think were on our list?

It’s clear that there’s plenty we’re looking at, from the pattern that’s seen everywhere to the most cool and essential for layering, to the single color that’s in the closet of every fashionista. Here’s how our editorial team has to say about the fashion of 2022 and what that we’re leaving behind. I guarantee that you’ll feel inspired to wear our selections immediately.

Wearing Second-skin tops

There’s nothing I like more than a fantastic versatile, multi-purpose basic that is anything but simple. Second-skin tops are among the trends that I am a fan of for the coming season. As seen at the S/S 21 runways of designers such as Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Marine Serre, this is the kind of piece that everyone will be trying out in the coming months, I’m sure of that. When worn with sweatpants or worn under pants and knits as we did at Prada the possibilities are limitless.

Fashion Trends

Skipping: Sweater-vests

If I’m honest, the sweater-vest fashion that’s been everywhere has never attracted me so I’m glad to say goodbye to this one.

A styling tip to borrow: Although there are second skin tops worn on their own with jeans or pants I love the idea of using them as an undershirt that is layered over a knit or coat, as shown at the Prada runway.

Wearing the following: Utility vests

“The trend that has me most intrigued for this year is utility vests. The knit pullover vest is having a big moment currently, and I think this will be the evolution. I was wearing quilted, warmer versions over the winter, and then switched to lighter iterations for spring.”

Fashion Trends

Skipping: Tie-dye

“The trend I’m leaving behind in 2021 is tie-dye. It had such a moment bringing people a little joy in quarantine, especially in the form of sweats, and I’m ready mentally to move on!”

Tips for styling to borrow: Add the outerwear of sweatshirt under the vest. Stick it to a different shade of clothing to give a more dimensional style.

Fashion Trends

Wearing: Bubblegum pink

“I love a pop of color now and then, and I’m excited that bold, bubblegum pink that’s making its way into our wardrobes for spring. It makes a powerful statement and looks chic when paired with neutrals such as grey and camel.”

Skipping: Chain-embellished shoes

“The trend I’m leaving behind in 2021 is chain-embellished shoes. Sure, they’re pretty but I’m erring on the side of all things practical when it comes to my shoe choices right now. (Who knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind towards summer.)”

Tips to style Use the fun bubblegum pink hue, by pairing the color with black like we were able to see on the runways of Chanel as well as Valentino.

Fashion Trends

Wearing: Tiny tie details

“We’ve already seen lace-up pieces trending everywhere, but I’m particularly excited to embrace more pieces with tiny tie detailing in 2022. I feel like everyone has been making bows happen, but really, tie detailing is where it’s going to be at next year. It’s a subtle detail that can come in so many various iterations, making it the perfect trend to cop for anyone.”

Skipping: Bows

“Bows are the trend I’m skipping.”

Tips for styling to take from to borrow: Instead of knotting them into bows, try knotted ties with loops.

Wearing: Loose trousers

“There were tons of loose, baggy trousers on the spring runways and I especially loved how they were styled at Fendi. The trend just has such a chill, devil-may-care vibe that I could certainly use more of in my life.”

Fashion Trends

Skip: shorts for cycling

“As for the trend that I’m ready to move on from? Bike shorts. Yes, I’ll still wear them around the house, but I’m not really loving them anymore as a deliberate fashion statement. For me, it’s a trend that became too over-saturated.”

Styling tip to borrow Dress in a low-slung look with knit top and coat for a style Hailey Beiber would 100% love.

Wearing microscopic miniskirts

“Hemlines creeped ever higher on the spring 2022 runways, most notably at Miu Miu where the microscopic miniskirts paired with short-sleeve knits transported me back to the ’60s. It’s a trend that I’m definitely aiming to try this spring once the weather permits bare legs again. I can already envision wearing one with knee-high boots and a shrunken knit.”

Skipping: Prairie collars

“A trend I’m leaving behind is extra-large prairie collars. While they do work for some, they’ve always struck me as a bit too costumey to be all that practical.”

Tips for styling to borrow: Match the second skin top with a micro miniskirt in order to draw inspiration from two of the most popular S/S 21 trends all at the same time.

Fashion Trends

Wearing long necklaces

“I loved seeing longer necklaces on the S/S 21 runways and definitely can’t wait to incorporate the jewelry trend into my wardrobe. Since I cover my neck, it’s actually quite tricky to wear necklaces so I’m happy to find longer-lengthed ones on the market that I can actually show off! This structural piece from Bevza really caught my eye.”

Skipping: tiny bags

“The trend I’ll be leaving in 2021 is tiny bags. I think they were fun and appealing at first but this year has taught me to lean more towards functional items, which bags that can barely fit my phone don’t seem to be. I’d rather go for a baguette bag if I want something on the smaller side.”

Tips for styling make long necklaces make the center of attention of the outfit by adhering to a neutral ensemble.

Wearing Prints of Checkerboard

“Checkerboard print is a trend that continues to build, and I’m excited that it’s sticking around for S/S 21. It’s a lot more exciting than stripes or polka dots. I love the graphic three-piece set (plus the shoes!) at Dolce & Gabbana.”

Skipping: pieces with one shoulder

“While I don’t hate the one-shoulder silhouette on some people, I just never really got into it. I want two sleeves or no sleeves. It’s a look I wore in high school that I don’t need to replicate.”

Styling tips to borrow when it comes to prints, there’s always more. You can layer them.

Fashion Trends

Wearing: Built-in G-strings

“A trend I am weirdly excited about is the built-in G-string look. While I won’t be rocking the trend as boldly as shown on the runways, I feel like with the right second-skin top or a plain tucked-in T-shirt, the unique trend can actually be quite approachable.”

Skipping: tight, over-the-knee boots

“One trend I’m leaving behind in 2021 is tight over-the-knee boots. While they were a big trend for fall, I don’t see a place for them this year considering everyone’s newly adopted more comfortable lifestyle… Says the girl who just backed G-strings.”

Tips for styling: Wear your skin underneath the cutout, or put on colored tights or a top underneath.

Fashion Trends

Wearing: Knit polos

“Knit polos have trending and the look has entered the spotlight in an even greater way in 2021. I’m excited to try a few different silhouettes as an easy way to bring that modern sophistication to a vibe.”

Skipping: Fitted suiting

“The trend I’m leaving behind in 2020 would be those fitted tailoring pieces. The more relaxed items are great, but I personally don’t have the need for super-fitted blazers and such right now.”

Styling tip to borrow Try a tonal style by using shades of that same family of colors.

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