most popular radar detectors

The Valentine One Radar detector is probably one of the most popular radar detectors when compared to some of the top-notch products. It is quite famous for its long range and the classic design which it carries.

However, we all know that there is a difference between having a classic design and just being stuck with the designs which we used to see in the past models. The display and the controls are dated for a modern radar detector and we’re sorry to tell you there’s no GPS in this radar detector.

With the major drawbacks covered already, this radar detector has been rated as an A+ in the highway test, which actually is way too good. You know what other radar has the same kind of rating? That’s right. It’s Escort Redline EX. The range which this detector has is same as that of the Valentine One Radar Detector.

Talking about the Valentine One Radar detector, it is so sensitive that it is capable of detecting everything. Even though it is not the best pick when it comes to drive in the cities where there is a lot of traffic and distorting signals, you can still use it at its best for highway driving.

This device comes with an optional feature which is called SAVVY, and when you plug it into your car’s diagnostic port, it can automatically turn the alerts to a very quiet volume when you are driving at a specific speed and don’t want anything to bother you at all.

It has a digital display and has knobs which help you to adjust the sensitivity as well as volume. Even though it has a very fine coating of a sturdy and durable material, still the design might take you to the 90’s.

And when it comes to the design of this radar detector, it has directional arrows. This means that whenever you get an alert on this detector, the arrows are going to tell you where the signals are being captured from with the help of these arrows. It is one of the best features and even though the strategy is much better in most of the modern detectors, it still is one of the most classic pieces to consider.

The advantage of the directional alerts provides you awareness and makes it much easier to identify the source of the radar.

This detector also comes with the windshield mounted unit as well as two external antennas. These detectors are easily able to identify the X, K as well as Ka radar bands, which of course, does include the laser signals. It also comes with the super wideband detection for the Ka and Ku radar bands.

And yes, about the GPS thing, it doesn’t lack one. So? What is the problem? Well, the company just refused to use one. And speaking technically, it is a good thing as the GPS creates blind spots, which means that the actual threats can hide.

In case you are using a GPS to mute the motion detector, you are also going to mute a police car which might be parked somewhere around where you are driving. It should be known that muting alerts usually create blind spots and is one of the compromises which you have to make if you don’t want to face any kind of troubles using the devices.


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