Thursday, June 30, 2022
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With the changing face of technology staying connected has only become easier. Now with the advent of VoIP Phone, it certainly cannot get any better. Yes this is a great new way to stay connected with the world regardless of where you are and what devices you have and how you can stay in touch. So you could sit remotely at any location and enjoy conference calls and presentations and calls with both family and the work place and talk from not just your phone but any device at all. It could be your land line phone or mobile or desktop, tablet or the web!

Handling rules

You can use and connect with your computer and use it across wherever you are. You can log in to your voice mail and you can also make out going calls with our connection, using the number as the caller ID. Therefore, the number that shows up on the recipients screen is the’s number and not your mobile number. This also ensures privacy. You can also receive phone calls on your mobile phone with the call handling and call forwarding features which enables you to particularly direct your calls to the device of your preference. You could even use call handling rules where you can set a time to schedule an incoming call as well as the contacts who can reach you via your mobile phone.

The app for mobile phones where you can enjoy VoIP phone connectivity is a reliable way to stay connected. You can even listen to faxes and voicemail. You can see the call logs that are made from your extension phone lines. Sending and receiving text messages is another great feature. And of course there are many more interesting features and what’s more, they are all compatible with Android, Blackberry as well as iOS. So the mobile app is a great inclusion to stay connected regardless of where you are and you can continue to do so keeping costs at the minimum and be within reach.

Added feature

In fact an added feature that you are bound to enjoy is getting your email and text notifications on the mobile that have been sent to the account. Isn’t that great? You can get to choose the method by which you want to be notified about new messages. It can be via email or through SMS messages. And this lands on to your mobile phone where you can listen to the message. You can also read it if you have enabled the voicemail transcription service.

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