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Web Design Tips For Creating Professional Sites

Several factors affect the success of a website. For instance, you need interesting contents and compelling designs to make your readers compelled and come back for more. For most people who are busy with their work or business, creating a website is already too much work. You can always ask a professional, such as Phoenix Website Design Company Link Helpers, to assist you.

Every person has a preference, but that doesn’t mean there are no basic steps you should follow on deciding the appearance of your website. Below are some tips in creating a professional site and making sure it will attract viewers.

  • Designs Should Have Visual Hierarchy

Your contents should be arranged in a clear manner for your visitors. Since you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention, make it count. Having a clear hierarchy of information makes your reader unconsciously follow where you want them to go. By using contrast, applying color, size, and proper spacing for additional emphasis, you have a better chance of drawing their attention.

  • Create A Minimalistic Homepage

Free your website of clutter that can be irritating for the eyes of your readers and make it hard for them to maneuver and understand your site. Most visitors rarely read every word on a website and opt to scan pages as quickly as possible. They only pick out a few keywords and sentences throughout this time. Therefore, make their visit count and appeal to their emotions rather than focusing on your word count.

  • Your Site Should Have Easy Navigation

Website navigation is not the place for one to be avant-garde. You should never make it hard for your visitors. A site with easy navigation helps search engines index your content while also improving the experience of your customers or viewers. For instance, you can link your logo to a homepage to make their clicks count and offer some vertical navigation as well. Also, always put your menu on top of your website. Your footer, which is placed on the last part of your site, should also have your important links and social icons.

  • Make Your Contents Easy To Read

Since most of your visitors will be scanning on your site, make sure that they recognize words, sentences, and phrases. When your site’s readability is high, users can easily take in more information without much hassle. Make their time worthwhile so that they won’t feel bored or disinterested in your website. Some tips in increasing the readability of your site include having sufficient contrast between your text and its background, making your body text at least 16 pt, and choose the type of font that is suitable for online texts like San Serif and avoid curly fonts that are hard to read.

  • Make It Mobile Friendly

In our modern world, almost everyone has access to websites through their mobile phones. You should be mindful of how your sites look like whenever they access it through their phones. Put yourself in the position of the user, make test runs on every page and try the buttons and scrolls if they work. Make it as mobile friendly as possible


Final Word

Make your web design creative, have great content and never stop looking for inspiration. Be familiar with what your users expect to see, and your site will become amazing over time.

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