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Setup a browser homepage content://

IT, Net, cloud Calculating, etc. . information and They’re the fundamentals and columns of technologies.

Technology isn’t short of codes such as Content://, that can be largely applicable to browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.. These browsers are primarily encouraged by the android functioning system.

Table of Contents

1. What is Content://
2. Default Browser
3. Finding the Best Browser
Chrome 4.1
How do you Set Chrome as your Default Browser?
5. Firefox 5.1
Defaulting Firefox
6. Chrome Or Firefox?
7. Conclusion

What’s Content:/ / /

system. Apple IOS, coffee, blackberry, etc., are examples of cellular phone’s operating system. The very long list of this phone’s mind proceeds with android.

  1. Employing an android established smartphone you understand about play shop. Play shops allow android users to obtain browsers and other apps.

Default Browser

The world wide web is among the most plentiful resources of information. From only a simple click you can get millions of sites and boundless information.

Among the main problems preventing you from becoming to the Information oasis is a in-build or tabbed browser. This is always true when you’ve got a ‘malfunctioning’ browser. At times you might have a commendable browser but you simply don’t enjoy it.

Default browsers as its name implies, are not faulty. Utilizing Codes like content:// can allow you to navigate safely. How can you alter browsers that are faulty?

An Individual can alter or personalize browsers by simply typing

Locating the Best Browser

Imagine a situation where you’d just 1 browser- it might Be worthy or even worst. Thank programmers the circumstance isn’t possible. For a browser to fulfill consumers’ needs s it has to be harmonious with codes such as content:// This implies that you could use it on either new or old variants of android.

Aside from compatibility, some acts such as the ability to Synchronize with different bits of surfing data like social websites and emails.

What’s more significant in information than information protection? You want to use browsers which promise you 100% data protection. While picking browsers be eager on terms such as user privacy and how to use them. If a browser does not support privacy rights usage links such as content:// to modify.


Browsers existed. You will find it pre-installed on your own apparatus. The great reasonable thing you could do is to get it. Apart from being downloadable, chromes finds its way into android’s telephone in four main ways.

respectively. Ability to encourage content://  code has created chrome to the record.

It’ll Be best in the Event That You find out how you can wed chrome Together with your android apparatus. The following process can help you.

Find the setting choice on your android apparatus to browse the apps.

There are 3 dots on the corner — largely the very best right corner. If you click three dots, then a drop menu will appear.

Now You’ve finally found your way through placing and A drop menu, you may pick the browser choice. Click chrome to unlock the very best browsing experience you’re likely to witness.

Typing a random URL will affirm you’ve done the ideal thing.


The source of the name remains a misery. Legends state that If you would like a fox to conducted, equip yourself with a lighter. Place fire on its bushy tail and inside a millisecond you won’t see it .

It Features all of the best types of things you will desire to experience.

Aside from rock-solid browsing bases, it’s packed with high-end security attributes and solitude. Together with tracking security, you’re certain of protected online life.

Defaulting Firefox

The practice is significantly associated with the preceding one on chrome.

Whether your Firefox was uninstalled or downloaded, then open The program.

On the upper right corner, then pick configurations. The setting is Discovered on the more choices icon.

From the listing of options available, select the’overall Alternative’

With only a simple click you’re set on. Harness the overall

Will be taken in to placing the program. Do not worry you’re on the ideal path.

Finish the procedure by choosing Firefox as the browser app.

Variations of android. The most crucial part is that every version of Android has its own settings. Each android user can it be 6, 5, etc. will go through the best of Firefox.

Chrome and Firefox are just two giants Offering infinite Access to the world wide web. Both of these have the very same properties and enhancing surfing experience. Though google chrome is rated higher, it’ll be better in case you can also decide on the best choice. Boost your browsing experience.

You’ve just plugged into the largest information output. Customization and better surfing experience are exactly what you want.

You will not regret when you acquaint both of them. Recall there are also other browsers in route.


The latest or old android versions.

Mobile Phones

Lot of selection one of the attributes and budget. But 1 difficulty that each Android user confronts is the over-branding the maker does in such telephones. The most bothersome part is that the locking of the browser along with its own browser homepage with producer’s information. The good thing is that you could easily change the default settings configurations on Android telephones if you’re tech savvy. This guide will inform you how you can cope with this dilemma.

What’s content:///

Most times when you start browsers on these telephones you’re bombarded with unnecessary advertisements and articles.

This is where content:// becomes useful.

  1. Content:// — This control allows you to discuss content Among the same pieces of one program or multiple applications within an Android telephone. Therefore, in the Android growth environment, you may use content:// to communicate between 2 actions.


  1. com.Android.browser¬† – The internet browser that your Android apparatus will use as its default browser. Whether your Android cellphone’s default web browser is either Opera or Google Chrome it does not matter since you can readily alter it with the assistance of this command.


  1. House / — This component of the control allows you to place the Therefore, if you would like a particular web page to start itself every time you start your internet browser, then it is possible to utilize house / for doing so on your Android cellphone.

Now you understand how content:// URL Works within an Android telephone.

What’s content:// is a matter That’s bothering lots of Android users. The popularity of the URL is Mainly because most users enjoy customizing their mobiles by choosing their Preferred browser or favourite site, and also this URL allows them to create these changes.

Other way computing information and technology

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